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Lisa Greeno-
My son is beginning his 5th year at Andersen Taekwondo. I can not praise this school, its' instructors and students enough. Steve Andersen and his group of instructors teach their students more than just the sport of Taekwondo. The students have positive role models, build new friendships, and are cared about in and out of class. I couldn't imagine my son anywhere else.
Chris Poutre-
Excellent excellent excellent. The staff is amazing and always putting the kids first
Keith Keller-
Great club. They have multiple instructors per classes so everyone gets some individual attention. Everyone is nice and friendly. My son and I both take classes here. Looking forward to moving to the new location with more floor space
Michael White-
My son is timid and shy. This is the Only place he wants to go as far as after school physical activity or sports. They have fun, but still get down to business and bring out the best in you. He is definitely more confident and outgoing now. Thanks instructors
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